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Our Fudge


Chocolate Mint

Enjoy the smooth fragrant flavour of mint combined with the subtle vanilla taste and a wonderful accent of cocoa


An indulgent yet simple flavour, the original fudge of choice oozing the silky, rich tones of vanilla


Luxury flavours combine to give you delicious vanilla layered with the delight of chocolate and finished with sumptuous caramel

Salted Caramel

A masterful fusion of sweet and savoury, rich, creamy caramel with a sprinkling of sea salt for the finest of finishes

CocoNut Ice

The sweet, deep richness of coconut gives an irresistible and textured flavour to this popular favourite


Take the boldness of coffee and mix it with the creamy qualities of vanilla for an indulgent fudge flavour

Boost your brand awareness

Our range of corporate fudge flavours and packaging is a sweet treat to help you attract new customers or boost your brand awareness. Perfect as gifts for your customers or to accompany a corporate event. Our fudge adds a delicious, personalised touch to any occasion. We understand that everyone has their individual tastes, which is why we offer a variety of fudge flavours to appeal to all senses. Whether you’re looking at corporate fudge for a conference or sophisticated branded fudge boxes to wow new customers, these decadent treats will make sure your company stands out from the crowd.

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